There are many towns and cities on Montvonde - it's where people congregate. Please see Settlement Guidlelines for more information. This page is only a list of towns and cities.

Large CitiesEdit

This is where you'll find the major cities and their information.

City Location Fact Provost Affiliation
New Alexandria South Dawnwood Forest It is largest city in Montvonde. General Dalus Byasvonde and JLS
Rivermouth Rivermouth Swamp Rivermouth is the capital of Byasvonde, next to Olketessan. Lord Perceval Byasvonde

Towns and VillagesEdit

Here are all the smaller settlements, like towns and villages. All of the JL's Settlements are not included because they number too many to record.

Town Location Fact Mayor Affiliation
Tree Village Central Jungle Island. Tree Village is the most densely populated village. Pandora

John Locke's Settlements

Kirin North fringe of Dawnwood Forest Kirin is the smallest recorded village, and it is in the Alexandria province. None (Led by the people) Byasvonde
New Palati East of the Jungle Island. New Palati is also called Arceru's Sanctuary. Arceru, God of Light The Hall of Gods
Green Grove Near New Alexandria. Green Grove is technically part of New Alexandria. General Dalus Byasvonde