Settlements and cities pop up everywhere - whether it's intentional or a mining camp tat got really popular and people decided to live there full-time so it became it a village. Whatever the case, there are a few guidelines concerning cities and towns. A town needs more than three buildings to count as a city.

Relating to FactionsEdit

Factions often set up camp in a cave, which then sprouts buildings outside and next thing you know it's a town. Or the factions just needs a city to live in, like Byasvonde or sometimes Damora. It's fine to found a city for your faction as long as somebody's going to live in it.

Compounds Versus TownshendsEdit

Sometimes a single house grows to become an entire compound for a single person. Compounds do not count as towns. They count as homes. Secondly, a town can not be made up of a bunch of compounds. it should consist of houses and other things. See below.

Essentials for it to Count as a TownEdit

A town can only be called a town if it has these basic elements:

  • Town Hall - This can be any central political landmark in the city.
  • Residence(s) - A town needs at least one house for somebody to live in.
  • Export Product - Your city needs to be able to contribute to the economy of the island. It can be stone and ore from mining, animals, or even food products. These will be shipped to the capital, New Alexandria.
  • Roads - Your citizens need to be able to traverse the city, and roads are the best way to do that. You need at least a main street.
  • Shop(s) - Your city needs at least one shop to bolster the local economy.

Additional Possible ElementsEdit

Here's a few suggestions to make your town awesome. Oh, by the way, a town needs more than three buildings to count as a city.

  • Statues and Fonts - Every good city should have a fountain to make it look pretty, unless it's Uglyville.
  • A Provost - Provost is a fancy word for Mayor. A city should have a good democratic ruler.
  • Walls - If your city is prone to attack, you might want to surround it with walls.
  • Guilds - Does your city need a college or guild? Create a home for the Montvonde Arcane Guild in your city, or create your own.