Like any other Minecraft server, Montvonde has rules. These rules are in place to prevent the de-evolution into chaos on the island. The rules also do nice things like make sure that Montvonde maintains its RPG atmosphere. Therefore, all McDonald's buildings will be torn down.

Rules and RestrictionsEdit

  • No sexism, racism, or rampancy in obscenities. (You can swear, but not too much.)
  • Roleplay names and faction names need to be lore-friendly. (i.e. Hunters, Cata, etc.)
  • Act mature. There are some kids on the server, so I doubt their parents like your funny butt joke.
  • No cheats or hacks of any kind. I will tear apart your home and disembowl you. Then i will make your name a profanity so nobody can talk about you again.

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