New Alexandria is the capital city of Montvonde, and it is known to be a safe zone for all factions, where each group
New Alexandria1

The early stages of construction of New Alexandria.

can have its own embassy and coeist in peace. 


New Alexandria is built mainly around the Leeds Tower in the center of the city. Leeds Street leads into the Leeds Circle, and 3rd Street cuts into the farmland to the west. 4th Street and Majestic Avenue lead to Green Grove Road, which connects the farmlands to the south of the city.

Two unoccupied houses sit next to the gate, and Twitchy Tonics, the alchemy shop, sits on the edge of Leeds Circle. The Kavaar Building and the Elder Rolls Bakery stand on 3rd Street.

Provost Road leads from the Leeds Tower, and Alegiance Road continues from Provost Road to the Temple of Alegiance and the Provost Tower.


Alexandria offers a wide range of services from housing to alchemical remedies.


New Alexandria's provost is currently General Dalus of Byasvonde.