Montangleo From Above

Early stages of construction in Montangelo.

Montangelo Coven is a small military community/camp on Delver Plateau, just west of Delver Valley. It is largely unpopulated except for the odd traveler and any Byasvonde soldiers that find themselves there.


When Byasvonde first found Montvonde, they wanted a central base area. So they built Fort Montangelo on Delver Plateau to serve as a main base. After the Thauver Coven was constructed to act as a home base, Montangelo began to serve as the village it is now.


Montangelo offers a few services for travelers, but not many.

  • Montangelo Smith - There is a smithy for crafting goods and buying goods.
  • Canteen - The canteen offers a wide range of rations and other food wares.
  • Barracks - The barracks offer free beds for the weary traveler.
  • Jail - The Montangelo Jail is the main prison for Montvonde Island.


Perceval Byasvonde is currently the provost for Montangelo Coven.