Most people find solace in creating a faction. It gives you a home, a family, and new enemies who will love to burn down your fancy wooden mansion and put salt on your corpse so nothing will grow there again. As it is, people need help with factions, so I'll do the best i can.

  I prefer that you JOIN a faction first, because it's annoying to have too many factions. 

Stage One - Getting StartedEdit

1. To create a faction, do this command.

/f create [faction name]

2. Brilliant! You've done it! Now, you'll get prompted to make a description for your faction.

/f desc [faction description]

3. Fantastic! Awesome. Great job. What you want to do now is set your faction home, which is basically your home base because it is where you and your cronies will respawn when you get slaughtered.

/f claim

4. This will claim land for your faction. You can set your home IN claimed land, nowhere else. You can only claim land in Wilderness.

/f sethome

This will set your faction home. You can only set your home in your own claimed land. You want to build your base around your home, or you want to set your home in a base. You don't want your friends respawning in a lava pit, you want them to respawn inside your house.

Step Two - Meeting Your NeighborsEdit

1. You might come to like another faction or hate them. I don't care. But what you need to do if you want to make alliances or enemies is set a relationship with them. If you want to be friends...

/f ally [target faction name]

If you want to make an enemy...

/f enemy [target faction name]

If you ever want to be neutral with them again, just type..

/f neutral [target faction name]

Notes - Joining and LeavingEdit

Say that you want to join an existing faction.

/f join [target faction name]

Or you want to leave the faction that you're in.

/f leave

Additional InformationEdit

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