First dawn

The First Dawn over the Infinite Sea

 This is the creation story of Montvonde. Read on, and you may recognize some elements of the lore.

The Evernight and the First DawnEdit

The world was a sky as we see it after the sun sets - an endless field of twinkling eyes and a great sea. This was called Peace, also the Evernight. Each little eyes, called a Star, was one of the Precursors that no longer live. 

 The Precursor named Hryon once grew tired of the Evernight and sought to create more. He, and his sister Girvoth, fashioned the World. It was a world of water and land and air. The other Precursors were suddenly fascinated; they delved into the world and created fish which rose up to the land and turned to furry beasts that grew into man. These men and women lived in darkness for ages, and when Hryon realized this he gathered all the remaining Precursors to sacrifice themselves and create the Sun and Moon. Their souls scattered across the sky and became Stars, and when the Sun first rose it was called the First Dawn.

 Man celebrated as did the beasts, and light shined across the World in a great fury.

The AlinEdit

 From the souls of the precursors rushed a divine energy that the light of the Sun brought on, and from that energy sprouted eight immortal beings. These were Arceru, Icaros, Jyrm, Arcus, Sacholen, Merk, Fogpen, and Penumbra. They ruled the men, and when this got tiresome, they retreated to Caelum, the Divine World, and lived in their own peace as the mortals lived below.