Alin Divines Symbol

The symbol of the Alin Divines

The Alin Divines, also called the Alos, are the chief gods of Dunmel. Read their creation myth here.


Unlike the Greek or Norse gods, the Alin Divines do not typically intersperse with mortals. The only exception are Arcus and Merk, one of which had a demigod child and the other rules a mortal empire, respectively.

 Alin have several aspects that usually take the form of a concept of anture, like a weather effect or animal. Merk's aspects, for example, are the Dragon, Lion, and Storm.

The DivinesEdit

There are a total of 9 Alin Divines.

  • Arceru - Goddess of the Sun - "The Sun"
  • Icaros - Goddess of Wind - "The Tempest"
  • Jyrm - Goddess of Time - "The First One"
  • Arcus - Goddess of the Unknown - "The Variform"
  • Sacholen - God of Music - "The Enchantment"
  • Merk - God of Storms - "The Lion"
  • Fogpen - God of Madness - "The Fog"
  • Penumbra - God of the Night Sky - "The Moon"
  • Nathura - God of Shadows - "The Ascended"